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Corporate Events

What can we do for your brand?

Think of us as an extension of your brand. We'll customize all of our services to reinforce your message and can even use our photo booth services to conduct market surveys and collect customer email, phone numbers and social media handles which can help your business re-market and increase sales.

Trade Show | Launch Party | Grand Opening | Holiday Party | Fundraiser | Banquet/Gala | Employee Appreciation


We are DJs and MCs that love and know that music is the core for any function but even if your event is too small for us to DJ, we can still help by creating an on-theme, jam-packed playlist which you can rent with our loudspeakers to give you the fun-filled company picnic, employee appreciation or trade show your organization deserves!


Your path to increasing sales 

Yes. Photo Booths are awesomely fun and an attraction in-and-of-itself which is why every company holiday party has one. But, have you ever thought about how to use a Photo Booth to learn more about your customers?

Our photo booths are not only eye-catching and unique in design but also in function. We can allow your organization the ability to conduct market surveys and collect customer contact information in a fun automated process.  And if you're worried about privacy and HIPAA, we have you covered with digital disclaimer form guests can read and agree to on-screen.

Now your fun attraction can also help you learn more about your customers and, most importantly, increase sales! 


We call it lighting, but really what it is is brand reinforcement. Here's what we mean...


You're having a company banquet, gala or party and you have an awesome theme (say winter wonderland) Your tables and decorations are all ice blues, whites and touches of warm amber. But what about the rest of the hall? 


We'll wash the walls with up lights to and cast snowflake patterns on the ceilings to enhance the theme. We'll spot light your tables to highlight centerpieces and even project a custom company logo or message on the ground or wall to reinforce your organization.

Your creativity is the only limitation here. Let us help you come up with creative ways to reinforce your brand.



Ready to get started?
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